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xr500 beta DUMAOS 3.0

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Re: xr500 beta DUMAOS 3.0

At the earliest it will be next week, we'll definitely get it sorted, something must have regressed. We'll definitely get it stable.
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Re: xr500 beta DUMAOS 3.0

I have to agree from a hardware perspective the XR series is great, but the lack of support and updates makes them some of the worst in the market, I no updates for this long makes me worry that there are also no security patches, and this is the gateway into my home network.

The router has some very great features like hybridVPN, main reason I bought it. But even with all the features, the lack of support for such an expensive router makes me worry more than any new features can counter, sorry Netgear but this was my last purchase from your company, you make great hardware, but terrible software. Duma makes great software but it seems at least on Netgear routers the support and update cycle is disappointing. 

For gamers, I would recommend Asus or Amplifi gaming edition and for people with large homes either Nest or if you want more performance, look into Amplifi (they also look much great).

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: xr500 beta DUMAOS 3.0

i got an invite. is it worth to use it though? or just stay as is until an official update is available?

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Re: xr500 beta DUMAOS 3.0

It's in open beta now so anyone can try it if they wish to and see if it helps with any of the issues you may be facing.
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Re: xr500 beta DUMAOS 3.0

OK, so is everything functioning OK now then?

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