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Re: xr500 can't login to duma os


xr500 can't login to duma os

so i can't login to netgear duma os . keeps saying duma os not loaded yet . factory reset my router and cleared all browsing data. so contacted netgear who told me to phone them, then insited i pay £24.96 to reactivate my phone support. for a router that cost me £250 in april 2019 i find very distgusting and appauled never mind it still has 1 year hardware all i wanted was a fix or replacement but he wouldn't do it unless i payed extra and some other payment to be made to some other company that would cost me about £85 pound. i chose this router because of a reccomendation by someone who streams granted he uses the R1 but advised mine would have the better and updated duma os . i can say without any hesitation i probably just wasted £250 on something i can do nothing with

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: xr500 can't login to duma os

We have received multiple reports about these issues. I have reported this to our team as this seems to be affecting a few people today, please follow these instructions provided as a workaround while we investigate. Please try a factory reset first before trying this workaround using the button at the back of the router and holding it down for 30 seconds then allowing 1-2 minutes for boot up before accessing:

1. Go to http://routerlogin.net/adv_index.htm
2. Administration -> Firmware Update
3. Download this firmware (two versions below .56*) http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/XR500/XR500-V2.3.2.32.zip
4. Unpack the .zip file
5. Browse to Image file
6. Upload
7. Go back to Administration -> Firmware Update and disable Auto Upgrade until we can say this has been resolved.

*This versions lack some security updates but this is unlikely to affect you as well as some features (e.g. Ping Assist & Device Manager Table View) from the .56 firmware
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Re: xr500 can't login to duma os

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