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Gaming Switch Setup - how to basics


Gaming Switch Setup - how to basics

I am looking at solutions to provide fast, stable internet in a separate room (away from my modem and router) for what will eventually become a gaming and streaming room. I definitely need 2 fast connections for 2 PCs, but also have a PS4 in the room at this time that may stay as part of the setup. My question is how to properly set it up: cable runs, switch, etc. I don't mind making an ethernet run from my den to this room, but also need to make sure whichever solution I choose will do what I am asking of it. Current equipment is:


Arris Modem Surfboard SB6183 (connected via coax Charter Spectrum)

D-Link DIR-890L Router - connected via ethernet

Wirelessly running most devices except Apple TV and Receiver or BluRay player at this time


Am I correct in thinking I can run one line off the Router to a switch in my gaming/PC room and then just link the computers to the switch? I have 3 available ports on the router currently.


Please advise. Thank you for the help!

Model: GS808E|Nighthawk S8000 Gaming & Streaming Advanced 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch
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