Netgear S8000 Speed Issue

Hello all,

I am looking for some advice. I have had the S8000 for approximately 9 months and it has been flawless until recently. I use cat 6
cabling into and out of the switch. Initially on the ports I was using, I was receiving the full speed (shown as 1000m) on the stats screen for the connection.

In the last few weeks, some of these ports are now showing 100m even though nothing has changed. I have conducted speed tests on those cables and the speed has dropped massively.

If I swap the cables the other unused ports, it immediately goes back to 1000m. Can anyone explain why this might be happening and if there is anything I can do to stop this?

Thanks in advance,

Model: GS808E|Nighthawk S8000 Gaming & Streaming Advanced 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch
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Re: Netgear S8000 Speed Issue

Anyone able to offer any advice or a solution to this please?
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