Nighthawk S8000 Multicast issues



I have just bought a Nighhawk S8000 switch, because it was recommended by my ISP to buy a switch supports IGMPv3 to handle multicast traffic from Set Top Box.


From home router i have like 30m Ethernet cable which is connected to the switch, on port 1 i have an Xbox One (by the way thats also multicast traffic) and on port 3 i have IP TV set top box connected. If both Xbox and set top box is up and connected i have huge packet loss on the network. I supposed that IGMPv3 capable switch will solve this apparently not.

If i discinnect completely the set top box, Xbox starts to work perfectly, no packet loss and latency issues. 

Is there any experience how to set S8000 not to fill the whole LAN with unnecessary multicast packets?


Model: S8000| GS808E Nighthawk Gaming & Streaming Switch
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Re: Nighthawk S8000 Multicast issues

No matter if there is IGMP Multicast (typically used for live TV) or Unicast (playback, time shift, ...), both traffic types will only show up on the relevant port (unicast anyway, muticast thanks to IGMPv2/v3 handling) - but of course all the traffic does flow over the port connected to the router - and coming in to your router on the Internet downlink. 


Operating both the S8000 and the SX10 here on a network with multiple FullHD and two 4K IPTV boxes (Swisscom TV), both switch models perform great, and there is no noise on the on the other ports when IGMP live TV is active on multiple boxes.

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Re: Nighthawk S8000 Multicast issues

Hmmm, thank you for your insight @schumaku

Certainly, i have some issues on my LAN. I have 2 IP TV set top box from Deutsche Telekom in the network and even if one of them only connected the Xbox starts to have latency and packet loss issues.


Probably i need to double check with ISP.



Model: S8000| GS808E Nighthawk Gaming & Streaming Switch
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Re: Nighthawk S8000 Multicast issues

This might be related to the effective bandwidth available on the Internet connection or limitations on the router. Easy speaking here with a 1 Gb (technically an 1.25 Gb FTTH) symmetrical link of course.




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