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Port Forward Error Nighthawk R7000p

So I've been trying to setup my minecraft server on my new Nighthawk router. I've port-forwarded before on my current Isp on a different router. I've gone around and tried all previous debugs, IE: Reboots, Resets, I've checked to make sure my Public Ip is linked correctly, I've disabled my firewalls, but the port still will not open. I can use my internal Ip to join the server, but not my external Ip.


Any help would be appreciated.


Also if you need screenshots of my settings feel free to ask, I'd rather not reveal private information if need be though.


(If this is the wrong format for the pot please let me know, this is a repost of mine from Reddit.)


Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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Re: Port Forward Error Nighthawk R7000p

The public IP shown on the "Internet" box on the Router Genie Web the same as the "what is my IP address" on Google?

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Re: Port Forward Error Nighthawk R7000p

No, it reads in the same format as a private ip adress. The one in the internet port that is. 


The "whats my ip adress" seems to be the correct one as I've used it to connect before. 

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