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Prep for future home network


Prep for future home network

Hello peeps, 


I'm looking at setting up a small home network and could use some advice. 

I'm based in the UK and have a BT router in the front room. I'm going to run this into an RJ45 wall plate which will go to the attic to a switch and I plan on using the GS308E model for this. 

As it stands, the house isn't wired with ethernet properly and I'll be doing the whole thing from scratch and as such want to future proof as best as possible. 

To that end I was going to use cat6a cable and was going to use shielded as I plan on converting my loft into a mancave and will have everything running to a patch panel in the future as I expand the network. 

In the meantime, from what I've read online, you should online ground shielded cable at one end, usually the switch/patch panel to prevent ground loops. 

Just wondering if I use appropriately shielded RJ45 connectors going into this switch will the switch act as a ground for the shielded cable. 

Any help would be appreciated. 




Model: GS308E|8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Plus Switch
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