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Questions re: S8000

So, I've had an S8000 switch and the Netgear X500 gaming router for some time, but one thing I've noticed is that devices connected to the S8000 switch don't show up in the device manager on the router. 


A) Is there any way to show those S8000 connected devices in the X500 device manager? 

B) Should QOS be enabled on the switch in addition to the QOS on the X500 router or should it be disabled? I'm assuming that the X500 can't shape individual device traffic from the S8000.


Thanks in advance.

Model: GS808E|Nighthawk S8000 Gaming & Streaming Advanced 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch
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Re: Questions re: S8000

In my opinion, each connected device - regardless if connected wireless, wired directly to a port, or using any switch - should show up in the Netgear Pro Gaming routers should show up in the attached devices. Operating QoS (based on some port preferences) for L2 traffic on the switch does not have an impact on what the Netgear Pro Gaming routers does on the L3 level. 

Lack of insight, I don't know if and how the Netgear Pro Gaming QoS system does handle multiple devices connected to L2 switches. However, this is not much different from multiple wireless devices on the same band.

The better place for this post would be along with the Nighthawk Pro Gaming Routers where Netduma engineers are active. Convinced @Netduma-Fraser will move this thread and provide some more insight.  

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