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S8000 Link Aggreation Grouping


S8000 Link Aggreation Grouping

Hi, Guys:

Is there any way to setup more LAG Groups ? Not just only two - LAG1&2 in S8000 ?

I just want to utilize the LAG to speed up the data transfering from 3 sets of NAS. So I setup Port1&Port2 connected to NAS1 then Port3&Port4 connected to NAS2, finally Port5&Port6 connected to NAS3. As you know that NAS1&NAS2 are within the same LAG1 but NAS is  LAG2. After turning on LAG all port whatever LAG1 or LAG2. only NAS1&NAS2 cannot be logined but NAS3 can.

It seems to update the firmware to make more freedom in LAG grouping setting !


Model: S8000| GS808E Nighthawk Gaming & Streaming Switch
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Re: S8000 Link Aggreation Grouping

As of writing, the S8000 (GS808E) on firmware v1.0.2.3 does only support the configuration of only two LAG. 


Each NAS must be configured to a mode supporting static trunking (Balance-RR, Balance-XOR), and only one NAS can be connected to one LAG. Note there are NAS trunking modes like Balance-TLB or Balance-ALB which can be used against switches without a static (or 803.2ad*) LAG config. Extending the product specs in accordance with Smart Managed switches (number of LAG = number of ports MOD 2) was discussed, however this never happened.




PS. "Be aware 802.3ad LACP (802.1AX-2008) can't be configured on the S8000.

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