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S8000 / X10 LAG slow blinking on LAG ports normal?


I followed the instructions & video to setup LAG (link aggregation) between my S8000 switch and my X10 router. Ports 1 & 2 on the X10 to ports 7 & 8 (LAG 2) on the S8000.

The two LAG ports 7 & 8 are slow blinking in-sync with each other. Is this normal or are ALL ports supposed to blink based on network activity?

There is nothing in the manual that mentions slow blinking, only fast blinking (network loop).

I just want to make sure that I have this setup correctly.

Thanks for any help.
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Re: S8000 / X10 LAG slow blinking on LAG ports normal?

All of my computer's (windows, Mac, Linux) were working fine as well as my Android phone and iPad pro. Other devices like my PS4, Nintendo Switch and my Philips Hue system would not work at all. As soon as I unplugged one of the LAG cables everything worked. Plugged back in, same issue.

I have followed the instructions in the Netgear article, Netgear's YouTube video and the manual for the S8000 exactly as written numerous times. I've even reset both devices to defaults. LAG does not work. At this point I'm assuming it's broken. I have the latest firmware on each device.

If anybody has either of these devices and has LAG working I would love to know what you did to get it working.

LAG is either completely broken, the instructions for all 3 are wrong and missing info or I didn't do a secret magical dance move and offer a tribute to the Netgear gods.
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Re: S8000 / X10 LAG slow blinking on LAG ports normal?

Each port LED does blink based on the individual port network traffic. Activity is shown very different on the X10 vs the S8000.


The S8000 does only support a static LAG, so the same must be configured on the X10.


Can't see anything wrong with the dead simple LAG config on these two devices.


Show us what you have configured, what firmware in in place on both devices. Not that I'm aware of there being a LAG config issue ever since they added the static LAG config to the X10 a long time ago.


Potentially some misconfig, wrong ports plugged vs. configuration....

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