Re: SX10 - GS810EMX uses for 10g uplink ports


SX10 - GS810EMX uses for 10g uplink ports

Any help with the following would be greatly appreciated.


Im looking to upgrade parts of my home network to 10g over Cat6. I have two 10g capable devices, being my PC and my QNAP NAS drive. Im looking for a network switch that will enable these two devices to connect with 10g speeds.


I like the GS810EMX and have found it available for a good price. My issue is that the two 10g ports are described in various places as uplink ports and this has thrown me. Will these two ports work like ports on a conventional switch or does them being described as uplink ports mean they are in some way directional? Ive looked at the manual online but cannot find a clear answer.


Im also considering the Netgear GS110MX switch which is unmanaged and has two fewer 1g ports but im struggling to find this in stock. Similarly this has two 10g ports however there is no mention of uplink in any of the documentation. Im convinced this device will work for me. I would however rather buy the GS810EMX if it will work as its available and has two additional 1g ports.


Cheers, Neil


Model: GS810EMX|10 Port Nighthawk 10-Multigigabit Uplinks Ethernet Plus Switch
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Re: SX10 - GS810EMX uses for 10g uplink ports

GS810EMX, GS110EMX, and GS110MX have the same number of ports. In each case, the MultiGig/10G ports are just plain normal Ethernet ports, there is no "hidden secret" in this "uplink port" marketing term. The GS110MX does not have the microcontroller for the switch configuration, while both the GS810EMX and GS110EMX have it. The core of these devices is very similar. No idea where you spotted any different information.

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