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Setting maximum bandwidth limit on M4300-8X8F


Setting maximum bandwidth limit on M4300-8X8F

I would like to set maximum bandwidth limit on the switch, just like setting the meter on the open flow switch.

I had read the user manual and thought that it could be realized by setting the per-queue maximum bandwidth.

However, it seems that the steps written in the user manual aren't quiet clear.

In step7 of Configure CoS Queue Settings for an Interface, it says setting the minimum bandwidth higher than its corresponding maximum bandwidth automatically increases the maximum to the same value. 

What does the corresponding maximum bandwidth mean?

What does the latter maximum bandwidth mean?

I need know the correct and clear way to set a maximum bandwidth limit ,just like meter, on M4300-8X8F.

Thank you very much!

Model: XSM4316S|M4300-8X8F - Stackable Managed Switch with 16x10G including 8x10GBASE-T and 8xSFP+ Layer 3
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