Switch Nighthawk Pro Gaming SX10

Switch Nighthawk Pro Gaming SX10

I just bought this switch yesterday and started to look at all the options it provides, the one I was most intrested in was game mode. I was trying to set this up on the multi Gig port and seems i can only set it up on port 10? Is this correct or am I missing a step in how this switch works? I have multiple game systems and would like to have more than one set up for best gaming, is it possible to have more than one port set up that way?


Also looking for advice on what setting to use for my wifes work computer, she does medical coding and all work is based online. Logging into to her works server and working on files. I dont think she ever has to transfer any large files or anything like that.

Model: GS810EMX|10 Port Nighthawk 10-Multigigabit Uplinks Ethernet Plus Switch
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Re: Switch Nighthawk Pro Gaming SX10


The gaming mode is not reserved to port number 10. It's just a name, editable.

All "gaming" mode can be ajust on all physical ports. You have to set the max speed limit from the gaming panel, one by one (input/output), then the QoS (priority) to the wanted ports, from the Switching panel.

NB: The rate limit is the same setting than Home>Ingress/Egress settings.

Storm control seems to be more a video stream control (i.e. CCTV)


For you wife's work, modify the QoS to high seems to be an efficient parameter Smiley Happy

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