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trying to setup XR500 and my GS308E - Router does't list switch?

I purchased the smart swtch so I had enough high spped LAN conections for all of my devices and so I can setup  

Model: GS308E|8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Plus Switch, XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: trying to setup XR500 and my GS308E - Router does't list switch?

Also, I've worked with netgear when I initially boutght the switch, but all we were able to get done was assign the switch a reserved IP so we could connect to via web browser. I'm hopinf someone can point me in the right directioin please.

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Re: trying to setup XR500 and my GS308E - Router does't list switch?

My suspicion is that these switches typically don't communicate with the Internet, so beyond of the possible DHCP process assigning a reserved IP address (which should make the switch visible - at least for some time) the router does never "see" Internet traffic from/to the switch itself (it's MAC and IP).


Since these "attached devices" features are not capable network management tools - a shortcoming on virtually all Netgear consumer routers - regularly scanning and polling devices, I would not break my head about this.


All Smart Managed Plus and Smart Managed Pro switches can be discovered using the Netgear Switch Discovery Tool available for Windows and Mac OS, permitting the NSDP protocol isn't disabled.

Some Smart Managed Plus switches can be also discovered by UPnP (Windows) and Bonjour (MacOS/Safari), this does not apply to the GS105Ev2, GS105PE, GS108Ev3, GS108PEv3, GS116Ev2, GS305E, GS308E, JGS516PE, JGS524Ev2, JGS524PE models.


Amazing Netgear support has no ideas on these shortcomings. On the non-DumaOS-routers, the DHCP process does at least for some times a trace of an attached device. @ChristineT  one more for your records - just another ridiculous shortcoming creating more than just confusion.

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