Mining hardware connection problem with GS305 v3


Mining hardware connection problem with GS305 v3

Hi, I am having a lot of problems connecting and finding my new netgear GS305v3. As soon as I connect it, it runs for a few mins, shines green in the used ports and then fails leaving a little green flashing light. If I plug an antminer into this, it cuts off straight away.

This is ridiculous as I need the multi ethernet port, to run my miners. I have had them working, but nothing now.  Has anyone else experienced these types of connection problems? I have reset 3 times, reset antminers/pc/router 3 times and still cannot connect. Please help, I have noone I can turn too, and no phone number for tech support? 😞 very frustrating 😞

Model: GS305v3|5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch
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Re: Mining hardware connection problem with GS305 v3

Reads like a hardware issue. Depending on the market, challenge your supplier for a warranty replacement or head to -> Replace my defective product. To make it happen the product must be registered to your account. A phone number to call with the ticket number for a problem validation will be supplied.


Do _not_ ask any search engine for phone numbers - virtually everything is Scam.

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