AX8 removing wireless schedule

A while ago I set up a schedule for my router to turn off at 11pm, now it's never actually turned off, however the signal goes a bit weird at 11pm and resets.  I want to remove the schedule, however the setting won't actually allow me to turn the green tick off, nor will it allow me to add, edit or delete the schedule.  How do I fix this?

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: AX8 removing wireless schedule

I think I might have managed to get it to fix itself, now that I've got it to unselect the option the menu I was in no longer exists so I'm really hoping it is fixed; will find out at 11pm tonight.  The schedule never really worked properly but if we can get it to stop doing a half-rear ended job that'll be enough for now.

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Re: AX8 removing wireless schedule

Hello sewsables, 


Curious to hear an update regarding this! 




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Re: AX8 removing wireless schedule

I made sure to be on You Tube on my Samsung tablet at 10.55pm last night and watched a video until 11.05pm; the wi fi did not reset so it looks like it's all fixed now.  I don't know why it wouldn't let me remove the settings originally, but did the other day but I'm happy that it worked.

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