Accessing router login page behind another router - AX3000

I have an AX3000 (RAX35) bought new last November.

Normally I have it in AP mode, but recent firmware updates screwed up email and wi-fi radio schedule on/off. They no longer work even after factory resets, reboots and set-up.


I decided to take it out of AP mode and set it up as a full router ( IP) behind my Internet provider's router. It works fine this way allowing devices connected to it to access the Internet which I don't normally need to access from my 192.168.x.x. network.


Unfortuntely, I don' tknow if there is a way to access the Rax35 login page from my 192 network? I can only access the settings pages by hardwiring a laptop I have handy to one of the LAN ports. It works, but a pain to do.


Is there a way to access the router login page so I can configure settings (i.e. wifi on/off schedule) from my desktop?

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Re: Accessing router login page behind another router - AX3000

Hi mjz, 


Were you able to sort this out? Essentially you should be able to login your router as long as you're connected to the RAX35 network and visiting 



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