Anybody ahs the RAX78 ? more questions


Anybody ahs the RAX78 ? more questions

Does anybody has the RAX 78 router yet ? is fairly new.

I read here I think the RAX200 is going to have a version 2 supposed to be better.

Is the RAX78 a newer version of which RAX ? or a version 2 of another RAX ?

Any input appreciated.

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Re: Anybody ahs the RAX78 ? more questions

I was looking at purchasing one of those, but after wasting several days unsuccessfully trying to find what NetGear claims to be the range of this unit, and finally finding on YouTube something review claiming that the range of the RAX78 was 2500 sq. ft, I decided to get instead a MK63-100NAS device since the specs for that say it has a range of 4000 sq. ft, 


I am going to use it in a house that is shown as having 1398 sq. ft. but I think that is probably the area of one floor and the house has 3 stories.


I would have preferred the RAX78 because it is a tri-band, but since NetGear doesn't see fit to list it's range in their specs, I'm going to go for the MK63-100NAS and just return if it doesn't work acceptably.


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