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Ax80 & Xbox live

Just got the new Ax80 and I've been having Xbox live/party connection issues on Xbox one. When people join the party, I get disconnected and/or my router resets. In 3 days I have tried numerous solutions I've found on these and other boards. I have:


-turned on upnp and used port forwarding with dhcp

- done the above with a static ip

- used dmz and port forwarding 

- used dmz with no port forwarding


My Nat is open, and I'm on wireless. What other steps can I take? Is having the ready on power option still interfering with the router a thing with the Ax80?

Can anyone help me figure out what I'm missing? 


ThankS in advance! 

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Ax80 & Xbox live

Hello Blkromero,


Welcome to the community! If you recently purchased the router, please note that your device is provided with 90 days of complimentary support which can be accessed using the link below.


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Re: Ax80 & Xbox live

I had similar problems. It works more smoothly with the ethernet. Still have hiccups though. The router costs way too much for this to be happening to us gamers. Netgear's product description gives the impression that you just have to connect and the router will handle everything faster than you can believe.
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Re: Ax80 & Xbox live

It still does it with ethernet too. I spent 53 min on the phone tonite waiting for tech support before I hung up and tried to fix it again on my own. I factory reset, cancelled the update to the latest firmware  and then assigned a static ip with port forwarding. Haven't had an issue yet (knock on wood) , but it's worked before then gone all haywire the next day  So we'll see what happens. 

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Re: Ax80 & Xbox live

Yes, I do believe the firmware updates have fixed some issues and created new ones. I bought the RAX80 in February and just had it RMAd last month e because it kept losing its configuration every day. At random, it would reset to factory settings.

Anyway, hopefully you resolved the situation.
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