Bad wifi with MK62

hi, my router MK62 is not working well, with my prior router I could get all my internet speed (200 megas download and 100 mega upload), obviously not in all my home so I decided to acquire a NETGEAR mesh. Now with Netgear Mesh MK62 I have Internet in all my house but only 20 megas download and 80 upload, additionally some devices disconnect and I must to connect they again all days, this happens with my robot vacuum cleaner (Xiaomi robot vacuum mop pro) this device connect with 2,4 ghz band. I have a cell phone xiaomi pocophone f2 pro and it has a wifi 6 standard but it can't get all internet speed, but the cellphone of my wife can and her cellphone don't have a wifi 6 standar her cellphone is a Huawei P30 pro. The connection is stable but I want to get all my internet speed in all my home. My old computer Toshiba has a 802.11n connector standard and it can't connect with the router netgear because it can't detect the red. I hope your help,
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Re: Bad wifi with MK62

Hello yoalveth,


Welcome to the community! Have you had a moment to contact our support team using the link below?



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Re: Bad wifi with MK62

I have exactly same problem.

I have 2 xiaomi phones. One is poco f2 pro, other is poco f1.

Poco f1 wifi speed is very stable and fast. But f2 pro is not.

The speed is only about 20Mbps.

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