Bitdefender VPN shuts down WEB Protection on IPADs


Bitdefender VPN shuts down WEB Protection on IPADs

I want to use Armor VPN Premium all the time on all my devices. When I start the VPN on IPAD (Apple IOS?}, it turns off WEB Protection. I asked on Bitdefender community Forum why is Bitdefender WEB Protection turned off. 


The initial Techical response was that WEB Protection uses the VPN profile and two services can't use the same VPN profile.Here is a copy of my response to the above to try to clariy my concern/issue:


"IPAD WEB Protection Shut down if VPN starts This is stated as true, The reasoning doesn’t seem right. Why can’t you have protection and safeguard privacy at the same time? I wanted to use VPN all the time so that my data would be collected. Thus, I bought the Premium VPN. Now I find out that WEB protection leaves me vulnerable. Am I missing something?"


I was notofied that whole thread was removed. I have been a home user of Netgear routers for some time.

Please consider this a formal complaint about Bitdefender customer support.

I did replay to community Forum Notice removal.


I am still concerned. Do I need to use a different VPN. Does Apple IOS Protection really work?




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