Connection Issues Nighthawk Mk 62 AX 1800 Mesh

I appreciate the help on my last post.  The issue was integration between my Netgear AX 1800 mesh and an AT&T 5268 router with gigabit service.


I have tried several configurations and here is where I am now:  I have the firewall active on the AT&T router and the wireless radios off.  I have the Netgear in wireless AP mode.


The Good

* Link speed for Samsung S20 phone very high when near the Netgear.  Actual phone speed very good, in the 400Mbps-600Mbps range.

* Blink cameras connect and show good signal strength.

* Most Amazon Echos connect with good link speed.


The Not So Good

* Amazon Show 8 connected when system was configured.  By the next morning, it can't connect to the internet despite it showing connected with a high link speed.  Rebooting it doesn't help.

* Microsoft Surface Pro 4 "reluctantly" connects.  It takes several minutes when it is powered on and occassionally drops off wifi.

* Apple iPhone XS show connected but not working on wifi.

* PC in the next room about 20' from Netgear hooks up to 2.4Ghz network and runs below 100Mbps.


The system also seems to reboot itself occassionally, as is evidenced by me getting alerts that my Blink cameras and Circle Parental control system went offline.  It happened a couple of nights ago and they went back online a couple of hours later.


How can I figure out what is going on and nail down the individual issues.  I am pretty much of the opinion that the system should be advanced enough to, you know, just work. 


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Re: Connection Issues Nighthawk Mk 62 AX 1800 Mesh

And now my PC won't even connect to wifi.  It says can't connect to this network meaning either the wifi is down or just being a PITA.  And a Lenovo laptop and a Chromebook will not connect either, ever.

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Re: Connection Issues Nighthawk Mk 62 AX 1800 Mesh

Hello waverunner1,


If you recently purchased the device I would recommend contacting our support team as newly purchased devices are provided with 90 days of complimentary support. You may open a ticket by registering your device using the link below.



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Re: Connection Issues Nighthawk Mk 62 AX 1800 Mesh

Thanks for the followup.


I have been on with their chat making adjustments 3 times now and they have not been able to get anything solved.  Still the same situation.  I have had some success on my own however.  I took the router out of AP mode and restarted both modem and router.  My Echo Show as well as the iPhones in my house and a Chromebook all hooked up for the first time since I've had the Netgear. 


So now, the AT&T 5268 is operating with full firewall default settings (wireless is off).  Two things bug me...1 I hope it lasts.  2  I can not understanding why I had issues.  I'm pretty computer literate and moderately networking literate but this is beyond me.





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Re: Connection Issues Nighthawk Mk 62 AX 1800 Mesh

And just like that, it's gone again. Today, the iPhones, Amazon Alexa, 2 Chromebooks and an HP laptop all cannot connect to the wifi.

Amazing. I think it's time to return the Netgear. I've had enough.
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