Increase Max Clients RAX80


Increase Max Clients RAX80

I have about 200 small iot devices that I'd like to connect to the wifi network.  They are not traffic heavy at all, but they all need to be connected at the same time.  How can I increase the total number of concurrent clients allowed to attach to the network?  Currently it's topping off at 65.



Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Increase Max Clients RAX80

It seems to be a general wifi thing rather than device specific, so you might to look for generic answers.


It is a bit old now, but the technology hasn't changed that much:


How many clients can you connect wirelessly to a NETGEAR router? | Answer | NETGEAR Support


The Orbi seems to be different:


How many devices can my Orbi system support? | Answer | NETGEAR Support


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Re: Increase Max Clients RAX80

I completely disagree. This is the WiFi 6 (AX) Community. That KB doesn't apply to Netgear's WiFi 6 (AX) routers.


Netgear has been very clear on the subject:


Netgear WiFi 6 (AX) Routers


OFDMA - 4X increased network capacity for more devices


All of these routers should handle 200 - 400 connected devices with ease.

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Re: Increase Max Clients RAX80


@kc6108 wrote:

All of these routers should handle 200 - 400 connected devices with ease.

Cant' agree more. There are even more limitations and restrictions all over the Netgear routers - including the RAX models - "design". Not only the number of max clients per radio, also size of the DHCP table, the number of devices in the Access Control, ... 



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