Netgear 5G Pro Mobile Router with Nighthawk RAX50

Working on setting up a Nighthawk RAX50 with the new Nighthawk MR5100 5G Pro.  I did a factory reset on both devices and then plugged the WAN port of the RAX50 into the port on the MR5100 and everything seems to have connected.  Nietgear did change the IP address of the RAX50 (no biggie) and I turned off the wi-fi on the MR5100.  In general - everything works good but every once in awhile I get a DNS_PROBE error or a NXDOMAIN error and occasionaly some programs like MS Teams won't sent chat messages and some devices will have a hard time communicating the first try even though I have traffic on the MR5100.


I have tried updating the mobile router to just use IP pass through but then I don't reach the internet at all.  I have also tried a couple of DNSs including cloudflare ( but still can't quite figure out the instability.  Looking for advice from anyone that has this setup and stable.  I am in a rural area - but have good 5G coverage and can get 40MBs down so aside from the instability its 10X better than what I had before.  Thanks for any advice!

Model: MR2100|Mobiler Router Nighthawk M2, RAX40|Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Netgear 5G Pro Mobile Router with Nighthawk RAX50

So I may have figured this out (for others that have issues).  On the MR5100 mobile router - I enabled IP pass through, turned off the DHCP server on the mobile router, disabled ethernet standby AND set the USB port for "charge only" << very important!  Without it set as "charge only" the USB port still acts like a tether and doesn't enable the LAN port on the mobile router. 


I let the mobile router cycle and my RAX50 recognized the internet and adopted the internet IP address of the mobile router, the DNS address from the mobile router and appears (at least at this second) much more stable.  I'll update the thread if I have any issues.  If anyone else has any thoughts glad to hear them.

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Re: Netgear 5G Pro Mobile Router with Nighthawk RAX50

Hello cefolar, 


Thanks for providing an update on your post as it may help others. 




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Re: Netgear 5G Pro Mobile Router with Nighthawk RAX50

End of the day it never worked and I pitched the RAX50 its unfortunately not much worth much more than a doorstop.
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