Re: Netgear Reviews on AX4300

Netgear Reviews on AX4300

Like many, I bought the AX4300 at Costco. I sort of bought it on a whim as it was a good price and my old AC1200 (Netgear) could use an upgrade. I get home, visit the Netgear web site and see 15 very negative reviews and only 4 five star reviews. OMG, what have I done. Just look for yourself - these reviews tell stories of horror with this router. The last firmware update has many fixes... which makes me wonder how this router was even released with so many 'bugs'. Now my dilemma, do I return the router (unopened) or give this thing a try? I chatted with NG earlier today - was told tech support is here to help with problems. I don't want to spend time with Tech Support - just want it to work. Not sure what to do. I suppose I'd like to hear from 20+ people that have the latest firmware that this is a great router and all issues are from old firmware - but I doubt this will be the case.


Here are a few reviews on the NG web for this router:

- Purchased it based on a recommendation from an employee at Costco. I would not recommend this "router" to anyone. It took forever to set up, keeps disconnecting the list goes on and on. I will go back to the router that has always performed excellent under heavy use. I would give it a negative 5 stars but obviously i can't. I have had it for only 3 days and it is going straight back to Costco.


- Stay away from this router until it has had much more time to get all the bugs killed and the features ironed out.


- I installed this router 2 days ago for use in a 1,000 square foot apartment. The signal range is decent, but the speed of connection is wildly inconsistent. For a 600 mbps connection, on the 2.4GHz band I average 3-5 Mbps from about 30 feet away in my office and about 12 Mbps right next to the router. The 5Ghz band fares significantly better and gives me the speeds that I would expect, but is wildly inconsistent in doing so. From the same spot with no other variables, I have had speeds from anywhere between 50 Mbps and 550 Mbps. Spent 2 and a half hours with support today and was essentially told to just continually reset the router in different ways. Will be returning this router ASAP. STAY AWAY.



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Re: Netgear Reviews on AX4300

A couple things. 

1. AX4300 is a speed. not a model. Which one did you buy? Are you talking the RAX45? Its the only AX4300 I found on costco. netgears site doesn't have many reviews. Check out amazons.

2. You'll find complaints about ALL of the AX routers out now. Its a brand new wireless spec and there's always issues with generation 1. We seen the same thing with the transistion to AC.

3. Forums are where people go with issues. And people with issues do complain. More than those without issues. What you don't see is the ones that it just works for and they don't leave reviews. 


All manufacturers of AX routers are having a certain percentage of issues. The rollout of AX increased those issues versus just a router update. but it wasn't super high, its just those with issues tend to be louder than those without. Nice thing about costco though is they have a generous return policy. If it was me? I'd try it out. Maybe it'll work great for your setup. If it doesn't, then return it and hold off for generation 2 of AX. 

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Re: Netgear Reviews on AX4300

Thanks, and while I agree about people positing negative issues of trouble, there are 15 of these vs. the 4 that have 5 start. This ratio will be similar all over with some just positing "it works" or "it's great" as the only comment - so I throw these out as they don't know. Yes, it's Costco, and a return is simple and easy. I will try it later today and hope for the best. I have had NG products that work - as some say - and in a few months it seems the RF power Amp just dies.. no cooling? (not enough).. I never debugged the issue as it was always easier to just go buy a new NG router and move on.. but there were issues a few years back with this.

You know, I feel like I'm rolling the dice and hoping.. and this isn't how it should be.. it should work, and work well out of the box. I get the new technology part of it but if NG is expecting us to call in and report problems so they can work on them / get the bugs out, they should do this before release, not after. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth is all.

Thanks for the reply.

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Re: Netgear Reviews on AX4300

Looking at Amazon... this is what I want to avoide... (Note, poor reviews arr 18%, almost one in 5).. I don't consider that very good.  (an there are another 


Review: I work from home and must VPN to our office network using Windows 10 VPN connection. Replaced an Asus with an AX4300 I bought at Costco. Speed is as advertised. I spent 4 + hours in four calls/sessions with the Netgear tech support to help, when VPN would not connect and when I tried it killed the internet connection. Each time I was on hold for more that an hour., finally got a tech and then another hold and then got disconnected. EACH TIME!
This router may be fine, but it does not support pass through VPN. I will never purchase another Netgear product due to the terrible support. I wasted so much time and money I cannot recover. I have a software company and I'm instructed my IT shop to replace all Netgear products. Just in case we'd need to call support.


Another:  Netgear AX4300 Router was a huge disappointment and waste of time

Another: Good name not sure Netgear is making quality anymore

Another:  Better signal strength than previous router but frequent WIFI drops


Assuming these guys are not idiots.. there will be problems and hours spent talking with tech support.. what a pain.. if I have to make one call, its going back to Costco before the call!

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Re: Netgear Reviews on AX4300

Well... I just installed this router. All went well. Plugged in the cable from the Modem, reset the modem, used my iPhone to install per the APP, all went well. The Router updated to the new firmware with no issue. There are a few Armor things I don't know about yet and I read somewhere that you MUST use it, but all the literature I see indicates after my 30 day free trial I don't need to keep using it, so I'll hope for the best here. There is a Black Friday 'deal' for $29.99 / year but clearly since I just installed it, I won't buy it yet - but should I decide to keep it, I'll make note of this deal. It's been about 2 hours stince install - all working fine. I'll update if issues arise.. 

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Re: Netgear Reviews on AX4300

No, you don't need to use armor. Some like its security features that it offers but you're not required to use it. 

i've trialed it and prefer to not use it. 


Glad its working fine for you!


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Re: Netgear Reviews on AX4300

Thanks for the info. I don’t plan to use either. I’ve been using routers for any tens of years and never had a problem. This is not to say threats on us all have not increased but I don’t see the need to pay for something based on a ‘fear’ that something might happen. So many use fear as a motivator to get our money!
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Re: Netgear Reviews on AX4300

I have turned Armor off.. no issues. Glad I don't need to pay for this protection. I installed a USB stick and most of my 'smart' TV's picked up the router and the USB stick as an "input" - I am easily able to stream movies / pictures to my TV from the USB stick. Thats a neat feature. My old router did not have this ability. Anyway, all working good on the 2nd day and working with features as I sift through the 160 page on line manual.. uggh!!

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Re: Netgear Reviews on AX4300

I'm glad its working well for you! 

there is always that percentage that have issues but i'm happy you weren't one of those

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Re: Netgear Reviews on AX4300

Why are you afraid that 1/2-width shape issue represents a trouble for rackmounting the unit? The M4300 half of-width units include popular rackmount kit, composed of standard ear on one aspect and large ear on different aspect. The 1U rackmount package is within the field.

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