Network Speed and Loaded Latency WORSE with new router

Hi all - just purchased a CAX80.  Have Xfinity for all services, including streaming cable (no cable box).  Changed from the Xfinity modem because of high (over 100 +-) loaded latency, which affects my Zoom calls (dropped Zoom calls, lagging, freezing, etc).  I was told a new modem would improve that.


Instead, I no longer get 250mbps download - it's now around 40.  And my loaded latency is WAY WORSE, like in the high 300's.


Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Re: Network Speed and Loaded Latency WORSE with new router

Log into the cable connections page and get a screen snip. 

Also, do the same with the logs. 

This lets us check the connection back to the isp. 


If you have any splitters, amplifiers, or attenuators in line, remove them.

i get you need a splitter for cable tv but we're doing this for testing. You'd want to make sure  if doing so fixes it that where the cable enters the home, to only use a dual splitter with 1 leg going to modem and the other can be then ran to another splitter to tv. 

CM2000-> RAX200-> GS716v2-> EX8000
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