Re: Network no longer visible (RAX80)


Network no longer visible (RAX80)

The other night I restarted my computer and then could no longer see my wifi network.  My computer and the other 20 devices have been connecting fine for over a year, and I have not changed any settings.  My windows 10 computer now sees all of my neighbors' networks, but not mine.  There is a "Hidden Network" now showing up with full signal strength, however, I cannot connect to it using my SSID and creditials.


I have checked my router settings and done the following:

1. My network IS broadcasting the SSID.  This is true in the settigs, and my other 20 devices all see it broadcasting.

2. I have rebooted as well as unplugged and restarted the router.

3. I have disabled both AX and OFDMA, but my one computer still does not see my network and still sees the "hidden network"

4.  I have tried using a guest network and it does not show that either.

5. I have checked to make sure that all devices are allowed to connect.

6.  I did a system restore on my PC to weeks before when the connection was working.


It seems like all the evidence points to it must be a computer issue, but I wondered if I have missed something.


Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Network no longer visible (RAX80)

Try to forget the wireless network config on the Windows 10 settings first, then reconnect.

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Re: Network no longer visible (RAX80)

I guess I should have said that I have done that.  I have forgotten all networks and even searched the registry for any mention of my network name.  I have done the network reset in Windows 10 and installed/reinstalled network adapter.

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Re: Network no longer visible (RAX80)

I am experiencing the similar situation on one of my laptops a Lenovo Thinkpad with the capability of only receving the 2.4 Gig network. I am not sure if the loss of connectivity happened after RAX80 was upgraded to firmware or Windows 10 was upgraged to May 2020 update build 2004. The laptop can see my neighboors wifi and not mine. I had tried upgrading the drivers but there was no update. I also disabled OFDMA for the 2.4 GIG band and turned off AX. Other devices connect just fine. I was finally able to get the Lenovo laptop back online by setting up another router.  

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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