NightHawk RAX20 unable to enable QOS

I am currently trying to enable QOS on my NightHawk RAX20 Wifi 6 router however, QOS page only shows "Enable QOS" with the speedtest and the update performance automatically and the update button. When i click enable QOS and click the update button, it goes throught the connecting to netgear servers and then say no new database version available.

The firmware of my router is V1.0.1.64_2.0.41 so it is up to date and my download speeds are between 120.5 and 157.74 mb/s


How do i enable QOS as it will help immensely with my latency and jittering in my gaming?

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Re: NightHawk RAX20 unable to enable QOS

Hi Zimmy29, 


Please refer to page 93 of the user manual linked below to enable QoS.



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