Nighthawk AX4 RAX35 and Spectrum modem


Nighthawk AX4 RAX35 and Spectrum modem

I have a Spectrum modem E31T2V1 and the Nighthawk RAX35 that are not working well together anymore (connection keeps dropping). Support has told me that there are settings that can be changed that will correct this issue. They will do this  for a fee however I'm hoping that I can solve this with a little help. Anyone know what I should be changing? I'm not experienced with the technical side but I can follow directions pretty well. 


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Re: Nighthawk AX4 RAX35 and Spectrum modem

Which connection keeps dropping? wireless, wired, both? 

How frequently is it happening? 

What fixes the issue? 

Firmware on the router? 

If you hardwire into the modem, does the connection stay stable? 

CM2000-> RAXE500-> GS716v2-> WAX218-> EX8000
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Re: Nighthawk AX4 RAX35 and Spectrum modem

The wireless connection keeps dropping every couple of minutes. I haven't found anything that fixes this. When I have plugged my computer directly into the modem it seems fine. The cable company has tested and confirmed that is not the internet connection itself. When I called Netgear I was told that there are certain settings that need to be correct but they can't tell me what they are unless I pay for advanced support. The firmware on the router is v1,03.80_1.0.1. 

Thanks for any suggestions/advice!

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