Nighthawk AX4300 failed to connect to wireless printer

I could not connect my Nighthawk AX4300 WiFi router to my HP CP1525nw color wireless printer.  I followed the WPS Wizard procedure in the Netgear firmware.  The router failed to connect to the printer with the following error message. "The client's PIN is not correct. Failed to add a wireless client to the network." I input the PIN from my printer to the WPS Wizard using the PIN option.  I received the same error message when using the "push button" option.  I could see the printer in the "Attached Devices" with correct printer MAC address but with zeros entry to the IP address.  Please help.  Thanks.

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Re: Nighthawk AX4300 failed to connect to wireless printer

Lot of confusion - the AX4300 does _not_ connect to the printer (with it's local wireless access point and the WPS PIN there intended for HP direct print or how this child is named).


Much more, the printer has to be configured so it can connect to the AX4300 system. Using the WPS buttons might work permitting your undefined AX4300 Nighthawk (this is a speed and a fancy name only) if WPS button is not disabled on the router, and if done as shown in the router documentation. At no point, you need the PIN when using the WPS buttons.


And then when using the PIN method - certainly not the PIN shown on the printer, instead the one on the router.

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Re: Nighthawk AX4300 failed to connect to wireless printer

How should I configure my printer in order to connect to this router?  Thanks.

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