Nighthawk AX6 R


Nighthawk AX6 R

Unbelievable how bad customer service serive and tech support are, I am looking for as good or better alternate router brand. As Netgear is failing to suppor the X6S and unable to even allow me to update my passord with the nighthawk app. Serious Netgear Fail. I will now see if I can do it on the computer as their website and app are total fails as is their Tech Support.


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Re: Nighthawk AX6 R

the app is very limited. Its meant more as a quick access versus detailed changes. 

You should be able to update firmware, change paswords, plus much much more through the browser. 

You can go to   and type in your actual model number (hint, x6s isn't the model number) and it'll take you to guides, firmware, manuals, etc. 

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