Re: Nighthawk RAX80 slow WiFi

They have enough products to not worry too much about a single model, unfortunately. Are you testing wired or wireless speeds? In all my cases I've been testing wireless because that was my reason for getting this router. The few times I tested my desktop I was getting full speeds but this may have been shortly after a reboot. I hadn't considered checking my desktop each time I started having WiFi issues to see if it was systemic or not. I'll have to look at that next time.
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Re: Nighthawk RAX80 slow WiFi

That is true.


I primarily test wired speeds, because 1) that's where I first noticed the slowdown, and it's where I'm most concerned about it, and 2) most of my wifi clients don't support speeds over 400 Mbps anyway, so I notice it less there.

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