No internet connection

So this started a few days ago with no connection from router nighthawk ax3000. Called service provider. They said everything is fine on there end shows connecting to router or if plug in direct to laptop works fine. Call netgear ip addrees is wrong. Want $89.00 to fix problem because my 90 day tech support is over that the tech I talked to said was a common problem. If its a common problem with all routers then why should somone have to pay to resolve the issue.

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Re: No internet connection

1. AX3000 is a speed. What model router do you have? 

2. What modem/gateway is it connected to? 

3. What firmware is on your router? 

4. Was everything working fine and then stopped? how long was it working? What changed to cause it to stop?


the more details you give us the better we can help. Saying "call netgear ip address is wrong" doesn't tell us much. It doesn't tell us the details of your setup, the troubleshooting netgear did, or much of anything. 

So help us to help you. 

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Re: No internet connection

Router is a nighthawk Model # is RAX35. Router was working in the morning then later in the day it wasn't. nothing happened during day to make this happen.

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