PS4 PRO - COD MW - RAX 50 - optimum ping settings


PS4 PRO - COD MW - RAX 50 - optimum ping settings



I'm trying to figure out how to lower my ping.  Currently I float from 78ms-110ms.


Are there any suggestions?


I've tried to enable QOS and save but everytime I do it dissapears.  *it may be saving to the router but I don't see it on my browser*


I currently live in New England Aprox. 2 hours from Boston.


The best connection speed I can get on my PS4 is 125.1 Mbps.


Below are my specs


Spectrum 400Mbs Download

                   20Mbs Upload


Modem - NetGear CM1000v2

Ethernet to-

Router - NightHawk RAX50

PS4 Pro- Ethernet to RAX50

  • Primary DNS
  • Secondary DNS


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Re: PS4 PRO - COD MW - RAX 50 - optimum ping settings

It is strange for the throughput to be so low on the PS4 Pro if it is connected via Ethernet?


How are the speeds on other devices? If you are getting significantly under the throughput you are paying for, then chances are that you may be on an oversold node from the ISP in which case, you will get congestion related ping issues that can't be fixed at the router, level, especially if the ping measurements are done when your specific WAN connection is saturated.


If throughput remains low, I recommend restarting the cable model, and then checking the status page to see each individual channel to see if everything is properly stable and that the SNR is not too low.


If the SNR is too low, inspect your coax splitters, and make sure you are not using an unnecessarily large one, e.g., I have seen cases where someone would have a 6 way splitter with onle 2 or 3 ports used, and the remaining ports not terminated, which lead to a high error rate and poor SNR. Finally if you are on an oversold node, call the ISP to complain periodically in order to see if they can improve the situation.


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Re: PS4 PRO - COD MW - RAX 50 - optimum ping settings



I'm starting to believe you are correct.


I did not mention the modem.




When searching within Netgear Genie, I found;


  • Bonded Channel 32 unlocked on the downstream
  • Bonded Channels 5-8 unlocked on the upstream
  • OFDM Channel 2 unlocked on the downstream
  • OFDM Channel 1&2 unlocked on the upstream.

They will be here today to check out the issue, as the ISP admitted that is an unussually high ping for me.


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Re: PS4 PRO - COD MW - RAX 50 - optimum ping settings

Have you tested speeds with a pc directly wired to the modem?

Current setup: CM2000-> RBKE963B-> Trendnet TEG-S380-> GS716T-> pi-hole
1.4gig download/50mbps upload
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