Problems after firmware 1..0.1.90



After updating firmware to, I am seeing major issues. All my Wifi devices randomly disconnect from the router after few hours. Athough router's 2.4GHz and 5GHz LEDs are blinking, devices like laptop, phones, TV, Ring camera, Alexa, Wifi cameras just cannot connect to Wifi. Everything goes off network. The wired devices continue to work. So, I downgraded firmware to and everything started to work fine. But, I did not realize that I had the automatic update checked and router automatically updated to and problems atarted again. Does anyone else have similar issues with this firmware?


Another observation is that I have Nighthawk EX8000 extender. I have setup separate SSID for extender. Any Wifi device connected to the extender SSID keeps working even when the Wifi devices connected directly to RAX120's Wifi cannot connect.



Arun Gupta


Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Problems after firmware 1..0.1.90

Yeah somethig similarr for me as well. I have intermittent lag spikes with pings hitting 1900+ ms and then eventual disconnects on my laptop with an Intel AX200, on less frequent instances other devices are also dropped.

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Re: Problems after firmware 1..0.1.90


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Re: Problems after firmware 1..0.1.90

i have same problem as you before.
then i am try to factory reset the router and set it up all again
untill right now anything working fine.
Maybe you can try to reset the router

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Problems after firmware 1..0.1.90

Here also wifi problems specially on the iPhone X. The wifi connection drops randomly and then I have to switch wifi off and on again to get it working again. On my Ipad Pro lesser problems. The connection stays on but sometimes I get the message that a page is not reachable and I have to choose it again. My Macbook Pro doesn't have any issues at all. 

The Apple devices all connect through the 5GHz band and SmartConnect is on.


For the time beeing I have installed the previous firmware again, wich solved the problem. Definitely something wrong with this firmware!

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Problems after firmware 1..0.1.90

I did factory reset and the router worked with new firmware for five days. Now I am on vacation and router has dropped all wifi connections. I have lost all security camera feeds and access to security system. Since the router is in AP mode, I can access wired devices only. This firmware is really bad. Not sure how much testing does Netgear do.
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Re: Problems after firmware 1..0.1.90

Probably also has to do with the fact that some of the issues maybe WiFi firmware related and so would require the actual chipset manufacturer to also fix issues that are reported by Netgear, Asus etc and other router companies to them as this is a brand new chipset and AX itself just entering the market.

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Re: Problems after firmware 1..0.1.90

IAlso having issues with Intel AX200 and Killer AX 1650 (uses same chipset) laptop wifi cards. Not sure where to go from here.


The wifi cards connect to other wifi networks no problem, it's just the netgear router (in my case, and Orbi RBR20 plus satellites).

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