Re: RAX 120 disconnected from internet


RAX 120 disconnected from internet

Hi All,


Hopefully that I am not the only person who has this issue.

I use an NBN FTTP fibre network from my ISP, and the NBN box (the fibre network connected to my unit. In Australia, it is called NBN, national broadband network) has nothing wrong.

But after I upgraded the firmware to, the wireless router disconnected from internet almost every day. (the internet status shown in RAX 120 management webpage interface says internet not connected).

What I need to do is to reboot the RAX 120 router, and it can connect to internet again.

The NBN box does not need to dail to connect to internet, and no related login details configured in RAX 120. It means that RAX 120 only directly get the internet from the NBN box using aquired dynamic IP address. So the issue must be with RAX 120 itself.

I observed this issue for days, and tried to downgrade it to 118 version tonight.

Since it will take about 24-48 hour to get this issue occur again, I am not sure if this issue will occur again with 118 version.

Is there anybody can help on this and give me some guides?

Thank you very much.



Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX 120 disconnected from internet

I hopwe you find a solution to this because im having the same problem. I need to reboot router two times a day some days since I Updated to the lastest firmware. 

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Re: RAX 120 disconnected from internet

I have the excat same issue since ugrading to the latest firmware.  it has nothing to do with the NBN, its definetly something with the latest


hope they fix this soon, I dont want to go back to the previous version as I like the ARMOR security.

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Re: RAX 120 disconnected from internet

Hello Nighthawk AX Community, 


Have you had a chance to perform a factory reset after the recent firmware update? 



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Re: RAX 120 disconnected from internet

I have reset the router and did reinstalled the latest firmware, I will report back on Friday 5th June with an update.


kind regards


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Re: RAX 120 disconnected from internet

Router appears to be stable after fresh install. However Lan speeds seem capped at around 350mbs and wifi around 500mbs.


I have a 1gig internet speed plan.

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Re: RAX 120 disconnected from internet

please wait for about at least 3 days before the reporting, because usually it takes about 1 day or 2 to disconnect from internet.

hopefully that it just like what you said which is that a reset can be helpful with the latest version.

For me, i flash the 118 version back, and all good till now.

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Re: RAX 120 disconnected from internet

I am having a similar issue with my RAX120 and have been having it on and off since I purchased it. Intermittent loss of internet has been a very frustrating problem.

I have had Comcast out to my house in Folsom, CA three occasions to try to fix my internet availability. They replaced and rewired all connectivity from the transmission poles out to my patch panel in the house. I posted with the Comcast community and followed a number of suggestions that did not help. One suggest was to use Google for my DNS, sounded like a good idea, but I changed to OpenDNS instead. That made some improvement in the frequency of internet outages which required a router reboot to recover.

I have recently used a infrared temperature scanner to look at the temperature of my RAX120. I noticed that the counter top that my RAX120 was sitting on top of was over 100 degrees and scanning the top screen of the RAX120 I found temperatures ranging from 90-150 dergees plus.

I made four legs by stacking 1" heavy duty felt pads to a height of 1 1/4" and gluing them to each of the four feet under the RAX120. This allowed additional airflow under the unit, which reduced its temperature and is allowing for better cooling. It's been several days since I made this "stilt mod" and I have not experienced another internet outage.

It's a cheap fix and worth a try.


GUI Language VersionV1.0.0.382
Firmware VersionV1.0.1.122
Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX 120 disconnected from internet

same issue here in Australia on: Router Firmware Version V1.0.2.136.


Been online with tech support, haven't really helped other than "try and reset it", yeah I would have tried that before wasting my time on tech support!


Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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