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RAX 120 secure connection error

Router was working fine until this weekend. We were out of town and when we got back we are getting secure connection errors when trying to visit sites like,, and most other secure sites. If you wait the error seems to eventually clear and you are taken to the site. This is happening on my laptop using 5GHz (where the error displays in the browser), on our iPads, and iPhones where it just refuses to connect and you have to keep retrying. A laptop connected via Ethernet does not have this issue it seems. Our Sony Bravia TV with Android also had issues streaming HBONow and the app errored out 15-20 times during Watchmen and had to reload. I also am asked to enter the username and password for the router's web interface every 30 sec to 1 min on my laptop (wireless) but not on the laptop connected via Ethernet. The Netgear app also has intermittent issues connecting to the router even though they are on the same network. When it is connected I can sometimes see the Internet status go to offline though the TV continues to stream Netflix. There are also times when the WiFi settings in the app show SmartConnect as off even though it is set to on in the Web interface. The app has also dropped connection to the Speedtest several times in the middle of the test. The router was purchased in July and is out of free support, so I purchased phone support to try and resolve this issue, but have not had luck so far. The router is reporting firmware version but both support techs said the firmware would not be the issue. I just don't know what would have changed in the last few days when we weren't even here using the network. I'd really like to find a solution since we have cut cable and rely on streaming for entertainment.

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX 120 secure connection error

Hi Kahless, 

Thanks for taking the time to post your recent experience. I'd like to look into your case number(s) that you have with support. Would you mind sending me a message with your case number(s) and email address?



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Re: RAX 120 secure connection error

Thanks Christian. I've sent you a message.

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