RAX10 drops link when connected through ethernet cable or wirelessly


RAX10 drops link when connected through ethernet cable or wirelessly

I bought the RAX10 model WiFi-6 Dual-Band Router for my home use last month, and configured to use it with my local ISP. However, I have observed that this router drops signal when connected over an ethernet cable (supplied with the router), as well as over WiFi. In fact, it doesn't connect on my older laptop or phone which operate only on 2.4Ghz, though it connects well on my newer smartphones over the 5Ghz band. When my laptop or older phone connect to this router, they show "limited access" and no data flows. In fact, the connections (wired and wireless) keep dropping and picking up every few minutes. I have sought the help of Netgear Tech Support in India over phone, but they have not been of much help. They just got me to update the firmware to the latest one (version, reset the router and reconfigured it twice, with no luck. They even got me to change the channel from Auto to 09 for 2.4Ghz but that didn't help. Disabling Smart Connect didn't help either. 


Would be grateful if anyone who has used this model of the router has faced this issue and if they found any fix for them. Besides, the Region options for me on this device doesn't list India. It just lists Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The Netgear Tech Support rep told me to leave it on the default Region Europe.


This is the model I bought -

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