RAX120 Slow Speed


RAX120 Slow Speed

I have RAX120 with gigabit internet. Previously I was getting up to 700MB speed over WIFI with the router.

Not sure what changed, but I am not getting 20MB. Hardwired I am at 800MB.

The only change is I did a Renew Lease.

I have tried Smart Connect on and off. Off connected to 5ghz and still at 20MB.



Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX120 Slow Speed

The RAX devices firmware is still in close to beta form if you ask me. It might have updated to a newer version with issues. A couple things you could check or try.

1. Do you have AX enabled? Try disabling it and seeing if it helps. 

2. What firmware ARE you on? 

3. With these newer devices, its good to update over a hardwired connection and to reset it afterward. If it auto-updated and therefore didn't reset, I'd start there. You could try reloading the current firmware manually and doing a reset in case it was an error during the update.

4. Last ditch effort would be to downgrade the firmware a version to see if that'd help. maybe if it updated to a newer firmware, there was a problem with the firmware. 


here's the support site with firmware and manuals.


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Re: RAX120 Slow Speed

I have the same router with 1 gig down and 40 up.  I noticed that if WMM is enabled in QoS my wired speads slow to about 250 mg but my wireless is like 750 mg on 5g.  If you disable WMM for both channels my speed wired goes up to about 932 mg and wireless goes to 17 mg.  I have worked with support for about 4 hours and swapped routers still same problem IMO I think there is a Firmware issue.  Until they can resolve this with a fix i would suggest playing with the above setting...

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Re: RAX120 Slow Speed

Unfortunately disabling WMM on practically any router would reduce wireless to effectively G standards ie 54 Mbps link rate so something like 30-40 or so Mbps in real world throughput. Is this affecting only WAN(Internet) or LAN file transfer tests as well?

Looks like a firmware issue, I personally haven’t run into this fortunately in my testing in LAN tests. I can’t do a WAN side test as I only get 300 Mbps from my ISP.
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Re: RAX120 Slow Speed

I had the same issue. Try changing the 5ghz band channel to something like 100 and disable QOS. Keep AX on though

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