RAX120 - Slow file transfer over WiFi


RAX120 - Slow file transfer over WiFi



I have purchased RAX120.

I have Fiber optic internet with 1Gbps download speed and 120Mbps upload speed.

Internet works really fast with the RAX120 and in SpeedTest (Ookla) tests on my PC (Core i7 10700k, 16GB RAM, WiFi 6 and 1Gbe LAN port ) - I get almost the full speed (850-900Mbps download and not less then 110Mbps upload) . So I am very happy with this speeds!


However, the problem occures once I copy files between my PC and M.2 NVME external hard disk connected to the RAX120 (through Readyshare).


When I copy files between my pc to the NVME disk using local LAN - the file transfer speeds is 110 MB/S (880 Mbps) and this speed is very steady without any fluctuations. 

When I copy files between my pc to the NVME disk using WiFi - the file transfer speeds drops to ONLY 18MB/S to max 30Mbps (140Mbps to 240Mpbs). 


This is really very slow and very strange as it is slower then the internet speed (which also measured over wifi).

My PC has WiFi6 and as I mentioend - the Internet speeds I get are ~900Mbps downlaod speed.


I assumed that I should get 1800Mbps over wifi in the local network....can anyone help what may be wrong?


I will be thankfull for your support !  






Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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