RAX15 Dropping apple devices connection

Have RAX15 router and since I got it I've been having issues with only our Apple devices (2 iPhones and an iPad). The wifi on both 2.4 and 5 will stop the internet connection. The wifi icon shows no error on the devices and still shows it's connected, switching the wifi (2.4 or 5) doesn't change anything, and turning off and on airplane mode changes nothing. I've already tried updating the firmware (tried 3 different versions, all have this problem). Called ISP, everythings good on their end. Our android and windows products work fine, it's only apple products


I'm a teacher and this issue has been going on since the week I bought it, finally had time to address the issue and my "trial" of customer support has expired. Netgear's "trial" of customer loyalty expired when they told me that.


If anyone can help, you'll have my thanks and my students thanks.

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Re: RAX15 Dropping apple devices connection

Hello John959,


I'd like for our support team to reach out for further assistance. May you send me a private message with your email, phone, and preferred contact time (including timezone).




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