Re: RAX200, use Smart Connect or not?


RAX200, use Smart Connect or not?

Just upgraded our home network to the RAX200 and CM1200. We have 1GB cable internet. Is there any advantage to using the Smart Connect feature on the RAX200? It looks like it’s putting some devices onto the 5Ghz channels that I would think would slow down the more demanding devices. For example, it puts our Nest doorbell camera on 5Ghz, but our iPhones and Apple TV on the 2.5ghz channel. All of these devices are very close to the router so distance should not be a factor. Would it be better to turn off smart connect and manually add each device to each channel? I just want to make sure I have the best bandwidth I can for gaming and streaming. Thanks!
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Re: RAX200, use Smart Connect or not?

Some people like smart connect, some don't. I personally don't mind it but my family loves it so I leave it on.


Nice thing about the RAX200 is that its triband so there's multiple 5ghz radios.

Something else to keep in mind with the benefits of AX is that it allows radio's to broadcast concurrently. Meaning the router can communicate with more than 1 device/radio at a time. Most doorbells/phones are 1x1 antennas so the router could talk to multiples at the same time.


Your Iphones and Appletv might be further away and need to be on the 2.4ghz to connect due to distance. You could try shutting off wifi and turning it back on to see if they reconnect on the 5ghz the next time. 

Are there issues or slowdowns? If so, you can shut it off and manually selecting which radio you want devices on. thats the benefit of having the option to shut it off. Occasionally, the device you want on the 5ghz, doesn't end up there and it causes issues. 

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Re: RAX200, use Smart Connect or not?

Haven’t had any issues so far, but we’ve only had the router for a couple days now. Was more just curious as to what everyone who’s had the unit does and I take the time now to individually assign each device if needed. Both iPhones were right next to the router, so I’m not sure that distance was a factor. It will be interesting to see how bandwidth holds up and devices are assigned when we start more demanding tasks on the router such as gaming or streaming.

Thanks for your reply plemans!
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