Re: RAX35 Firmware Update Problems and WiFi Drops


RAX35 Firmware Update Problems and WiFi Drops

Current issue persists and looks like it hasn't been fixed for over 6mos by Netgear. I have an Android 9 tablet which will not connect to my Netgear Nighthawk RAX35 so I updated the firmware to the current version and it did finally connect, however, once the firmware is updated the WiFi signal would randomly stop multiple times a day, daily, coming from the router to all of my devices. It is not a computer issue, it's a router firmware defect. When will this be addressed because your firmware has rendered a 300 dollar tablet useless and the only way I could use it is if I update firmware for the router which causes WiFi to drop and I cannot have that because I work from home.

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Re: RAX35 Firmware Update Problems and WiFi Drops

Unfortunately Netgear does not seem to care. I posted about this only a few days after the firmware was released and found to be utterly broken, about 6 months ago like you mentioned, and Netgear has not even acknowledged that there is an issue at all. Rolling back to the previous firmware,, fixes the problem but staying on a deprecated firmware is hardly a long-term solution and as far as I can tell, the same bugged firmware is still available for download and it shows that the last update to it was June 20. You can't even contact Netgear to open a ticket or even let them know that you are having issues with their firmware unless you pay for their "upgraded" customer service subscription and any time that I've tried it returns a blank reference number and shows no pending tickets on my account. I, for one, am absolutely and completely done with Netgear and will spend the rest of my days convincing anyone who will listen or asks to stay far the hell away from any and all Netgear products and I'm building my own router, because it's the only thing I can do. But until we all start holding companies accountable with our wallets there will be no incentive for them to change their behavior. 

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Re: RAX35 Firmware Update Problems and WiFi Drops

I was having the same problem.  Could not figure it out.  Then I noticed my phone was only showing NETGEAR24-5G for the wifi channel no NETGEAR24.  I logged into the router aqnd checked the wireless names and both the 2.4G and 5G were both labeled as NETGEAR24.   I managed to get the 5G to change to NETGEAR24-5G and it seems to work now. Hope it stays this way.

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Re: RAX35 Firmware Update Problems and WiFi Drops

I am having the same issue. I called in just before my support expired. They had me doing all this crazy backend stuff. This is litterally my 3rd replaced unit from Netgear. Still in the sulifane. I am very reluctant to open it up and use it. For the fear that I will have the same issues as you all have. 


I had a tech support rep tell me that the router is not compatible with my internet. I was like WTF. I have an Arris Surfboard as our modem for COX. I told the tech that makes no sense. The only thing the modem is doing is providing an internet signal. The issue is with the router's firmware. Even the latest firmware says it address the wifi dropout issue. 


What should I do? Find a sucker to buy this one and go to what? We will have fiber here in the next year or so. What do you all think?

Model: RAX40|Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX35 Firmware Update Problems and WiFi Drops

I thought my problem was solved by having the names change but I was wrong.   Didn't even last a week.   I purchased a Juplink 

RX4-1500  WIFI 6 Router.   

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Re: RAX35 Firmware Update Problems and WiFi Drops

I been having the same issue as everyone else it seems. Router kicks off all devices at least once a day, devices can’t be reconnected unless the unit is unplugged to conduct a hard reset. The only support I was able to get from net gear was a call routed to India where tech support offered me the option of turning on the router (because who would have ever thought turning it on would be the first step), once I confirmed the power indicator illuminated the tech support rep informed me the router was fine and that I could purchase a tech support service plan for 140 or 250 dollars. Moral of the story is if you purchase a netgear product there is no recourse for warranty claims on a faulty product. Netgear has shown that they do not stand behind their products. Any company that does not honor their warranties is a trash company, I will never purchase one of their products again, I will also be encouraging everyone I know to do the same.
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