Re: RAX35 New Firmware has provided stability


RAX35 New Firmware has provided stability

I just wanted to say thank you to the NetGear team for providing the latest firmware release for the RAX35 WiFi 6 router V1.0.3.80_1.0.1. For the past week, this firmware has provided much needed stability in my home filled with smart devices including Ring doorbell and stick up cams. I had blocked only 1 IP address from broadcasting because it was causing other wifi devices to crash during any interaction with the mobile device app. I am pleased to report that I have unblocked the broadcasting IP address this morning for the Bond Smart Ceiling Fan Controller and I was able to successfully pair using the Bond smart mobile app. When I toggle the fan speed or lights, I now have consistency and other wireless devices no longer crash or freeze up. This is amazing because I have worked on this issue for months, created tickets with Bond Support and Home Depot, since they are the provider for the 4 speed universal fan controller device. I even took it a step further just a few minutes ago and was able to successfully integrate my new smart ceiling fan controller with my Samsung Smart Things mobile app. I now have visibility and can operate the fan speed controller and dim the lights on this new ceiling fan (IP). Thank you so much for creating this much needed firmware release! Patrick B.
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Re: RAX35 New Firmware has provided stability

Thanks for the feedback Patrick! 


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Re: RAX35 New Firmware has provided stability

I wouldn't say the new firmware provides stability.    I updated to the latest firmware and the router keeps loosing the connection and I have to keep restarting it.  I had to downgrade to the original firmware and the problem went away.   Other people on the forum are having the same problem.  So it seems the firmware is not that stable and needs to be fixed.

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