RAX40 Dropping Signal

My router (RAX40) drops all signal frequently (more than once per day) requiring a reset (unplug and then plug back in). When I called technical support they would not help me claiming I needed to spend more than the cost of my router on premium support and claiming it was a well known "configruation issue." After reading many others who have had this issue, I decided to revert to an older firmware version (V1.0.3.64_1.0.1) to see if that fixed the problem, and it did. 


Netgear claims my hardware isn't covered because it is a "configuration" issue, not a hardware issue. Where I come from, firmware (and software for that matter) are part of the hardware that I purchased. When they upgrade the firmware to a version that renders the hardware useless then that is a hardware problem. I'll also note that "firmware" is firm, in other words, part of the hardware. Meanwhile they issue a security advisory ( requesting everyone upgrade the firmware so they can also have non-functioning hardware and pay a premium for product support. Dont' fall for it and don't buy Netgear.


After this experience, I'll be directing my company away from netgear products and suggest you do the same.

Model: RAX40|Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX40 Dropping Signal

I wish you luck with that endevor. I've tried several companies AX devices and they've all been a crap shoot when it comes to firmware. Especially because they all upgraded to the new AX standard and its first generation. this same thing happened when the wireless N spec was upgraded to wireless AC. It was rough at first. 


And some rarely update firmware. I have 1 flagship router from a different company that hasn't had a update on firmware since it was released. And it has security vulnerabilities that just isn't getting patched. 


Again, good luck. I'd advise you to go the business route for they tend to be more reponsive with security patches/troubleshooting. 

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