RAX40 has terrible wi-fi speeds

I just bought a RAX40, coming from a TP-Link router which was having some wi-fi connection issues. I decided to get a WIFI6 router to future proof myself for a bit, but once I got it configured and plugged in, while my LAN speeds are amazing, my wi-fi speeds are pathetic. On my phone, I get .5 Mbps whereas on my wired PC, I'm getting an average of at least 200 Mbps. Is there something I'm doing wrong here? I have both 2.5 and 5 Ghz turned on. They're set to the max speed I can choose from the drop down box. I don't have QoS turned on, but when I run the speed test in the QoS tab, it too says I only get .5 Mbps even though that's obviously a wired speed test, so I don't know what's wrong there either. Did I just get  defective unit or is there some setting I need to change that I'm just not seeing?

Model: RAX40|Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX40 has terrible wi-fi speeds

Hello Lexster,


If you recently purchased the device I would recommend contacting our support team as newly purchased devices are provided with 90 days of complimentary support. You may open a ticket by registering your device using the link below.



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