Re: RAX48 Unable to connect computer to 2.4GHz


RAX48 Unable to connect computer to 2.4GHz

Recently picked up an RAX48, and while my smart home devices seem to be able to connect to the 2.4GHz band easily, my computer can't seem to connect to it, even in the same room. Also, only two rooms away, the 2.4GHz band isn't enough to stream consistently to my AppleTV.

I have another AppleTV, a Philips Hub, 8 smart bulbs, a printer, and two Echo Dots connected to the 2.4GHz band. I've tried updating the firmware on the router to V1.0.4.100_2.0.64 and performing a factory reset. I've also tried changing the channel on the 2.4GHz band to 4 and 11, hoping to see improvement. While my computer connects to the 5GHz band with no problems, and even detects the 2.4GHz band half the time, it always comes back with "Can't connect to this network" when I attempt to switch over. A handful of times, I've managed it, but when I've performed speed tests, the speeds come back 1/8 of the 5GHz signal shortly before it drops out.

I've updated and rolled back my computer's network adapter, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Is the 2.4GHz band simply overwhelmed by the number of other devices? As long as neither piece of equipment is broken, I'm okay with leaving things as they are.

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Re: RAX48 Unable to connect computer to 2.4GHz

A couple things. 

1. what actual wireless adapter is it in the computer and what driver is on it? 

2. 2.4ghz is a slow network and sensitive to interference. The whole purpose of 5ghz was higher bandwidth speeds and less interference. Any video streaming device should be on the 5ghz and not the 2.4ghz. So try putting your apple tv on the 5ghz. 

3. Your 2.4ghz is going to be significantly slower than the 5ghz. Thats half the reason you're getting lower speeds. Plus with it being more sensitive to interference, its not going to be close in speeds. Again, thats why we push for people to be on 5ghz unless its a low bandwidth device. 

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