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RAX50 AX5400

There is a problem that everyone is concerned about.Region is locked and cannot be selected.The debug page also has no options to choose telnet enable,

We bought a complete product.The current RAX50 wireless network 5GHz lacks several channel tunnels.The network on 5GHz is congested for a few seconds every 1-2 hours, especially during games.

We can't confirm the problem.We want to add a telnet enabled option or region selection enabled to debug network congestion.

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Re: RAX50 AX5400

Not all regions are locked. but if you did buy one from a locked region and telenet is disabled and not able to be enabled, you might look at returning it so you can purchase one for the region you're in. 

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Re: RAX50 AX5400

In the past few days, I found about rax50 open source file. Toss up tow days, found it only able to read, something lack of closed source code to compile. Is it possible to make a special region unlocked version for download?

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Re: RAX50 AX5400

  •   A pass month of tested, I found the BandChannel at mixed modle,wireless network 2.4G and 5G is highly unstable.

  •   Like the follwing set, we call mixed BandChannel,

    • var Band1Channel_20M = new Array (36,40,44,48);

    • var Band1Channel_40M = new Array (36,40,44,48);
    • var Band1Channel_160M = new Array (36,40,44,48);
  •   When we choose BandChannel 44, that means mixed modle 20/40/160MHz is used. This setting often self-adapting auto change Band, make wireless network disconnected 2 seconds.
  •   There is no option to mix or fix, like the follwing set,
  •         20/40/80/160 MHz        mixed
  •         20 MHz                         fixed
  •         40 MHz                         fixed
  •         80 MHz                         fixed
  •        160 MHz                        fixed
  • Wireless network at fixed BandChannel is very stable.
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Re: RAX50 AX5400

What is "mixed modle" Mixed Mode? 


What Firmware version is currently loaded?


"This setting often self-adapting auto change Band, make wireless network disconnected 2 seconds." I presume i may take wireless devices and the router to effect any changes a bit longer than when using single mode settings. As everything has to get change, reconnect and settle in. This only happens once when making changes to the router? 


Is this with Smart Connect enabled or disabled? 

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