RAX50 New Firmware

New firmware for RAX50 Version is available for download on the Netgear support site. It wasn't available on my router or app when I checked those. Downloaded and so far no issues.

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Re: RAX50 New Firmware

Hi CallPaul,


Thanks for sharing for other to views!



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Re: RAX50 New Firmware

Has anyone else had issues with the new firmware


I have had multiple issues:

  1. Random reboots
  2. Password Resets for the admin UI
  3. Flaky WIFI Connections
    1. Random slow downs
    2. disconnects
    3. Unable to authenticate

The only way to resolve it is to load the previous Firmware


Basically all the issues it was suppose to solve it made it worse.

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Re: RAX50 New Firmware

I've been up now continuously for 19 straight days with .72, no issues and heavy daily usage.


Are you updating the firmware by downloading and updating from a wired PC connection?  (I assume you would have had to if you backed down to .66)


Try this, this is not necessarily officially endorsed by anyone, but many people swear by variations of this method and have better results doing it this way, including myself when updating firmware.


- download a fresh copy of the target firmware via a wired connection, (don't reuse the one you already tried before)

- reset the router to factory defaults and wait for it to be up for a few minutes (to ensure it's fully up and running)

- turn off and unplug the router from power

- turn on the router while still unplugged to drain the caps (or wait 15 minutes or so, same thing) as the caps may hold residual power and keep stuff in memory.  Turning it on like this drains the caps and any residual power.

- plug power back in and turn it back on, wait a few minutes to make sure it's fully up and running.

- upload the new firmware via the web GUI from a wired connection only

- once it does it's thing and is back up for a few minutes, factory reset it once more

- when it's back (again up for a few minutes), reconfigure it to your liking.


Hopefully this helps.  if it's stable under .66, I doubt it's hardware related and maybe just one of your previous custom settings didn't translate well under the new version.  

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