RAX50 - Viewing Connected Devices Breaks VPN Service


RAX50 - Viewing Connected Devices Breaks VPN Service

I have openVPN setup into my RAX50 router utilizing DDNS. This works but I've noticed that if I access my router's administration page and attempt to view connected devices while a device is connected through the VPN, the page displays a message in the content frame that "the page returned no data." Afterwards, accessing any other local addresses over VPN doesn't work, and the router stops playing nice. If I disconnect from VPN, I can then no longer reconnect VPN from any device until after I reboot the router.  I have tested this using both the Nighthawk app and the web administration page with the same result.


The connected device page has been buggy anyway. It rarely shows all connected devices, often shows devices with reserved IP's as having a different IP, shows two devices as having the same IP although that's incorrect. Shows my extenders as being wired even though they're not. The extenders are a whole different problem, it displays all different kinds of MAC addresses for my extenders, including devices connected through the extender.


There is a table at the bottom of the connected devices page for devices connected over VPN. It's always blank as anytime I try to view connected devices with a device connected over VPN, that's when the router starts having issues.


It's not just a problem from the device connected over VPN. I connected to a local PC with RDP and attempted to view connected devices with a web browser on the local PC and it caused the same problems.

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